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"Pop." Good loud bang slap in the face, not only Hunzi shocked, shocked even the Song Yutong himself. And he really did not expect to play up, not the other how to hide it? But this is a move to vent their anger, her strange red marks on his face looking at each other, and then look at his right hand numb, and finally fixed in stone behind Hunzi Mo who came before. No, ah, this guy is not behind in their own right, what time to go there for? "Cool it?" Stone Mo looked at her and smiles. Song Yutong silly machinery like nodded. "Come back." "Pop." Louder bang. The bully was beaten, his face flushed, his eyes have to spray the fire, but he and his partner, only so blankly standing, despite playing with each other, because his arm does not know when to lose control it, and himself and his companions were the man's shoulders firmly oppressed, can not move anything, gradually, their hearts full of fear, so they shouted together. Leopard brother is seven wolves in eastern Hangzhou area to help the person in charge four wolves Fan Wan put the leader of men, usually domineering, of course, he also helped to seven wolves made a great contribution, this time he is Accompanied by several other younger brother, sitting near where smoking a cigarette, waiting for the results, but also the beginning of the theater smiling, sometimes directly to get started is the most pointless, and only slowly teasing it to his taste . He got his wish to see the look of panic that amazing woman's face a little bit, and my heart began to itch side up, like a cat's claw in constant scratching, and then he saw the tall man still standing that Behind the woman, "not" succeed. This time his mouth began to reveal Yin Xiao, was scolded:. "Wimp" And then he saw the man suddenly appeared behind the two younger brother, as if standing there outset general. Some see the flowers he rubbed his eyes, opened his eyes and before I heard a loud slap in the face twice exceptionally sound, the most surprising is that two brother did not fight back. Proton his anger on his chest burn, right next to the brother said:. "Go and see, how else to tell the two of them have so little so that we can go back and waiting ......" if not finished, it heard the shrill cry sounded twice: "Brother, brother ...... save me." He Teng stood up three steps and two steps, came a few murderous man. Staring at the stone behind two younger Mo: "Let them roll their own." Under his threat to force another brother started to come on, there are two already work out a shining knife from him. Stone Mo hand, still in a daze ͮ will pull in behind the cold, said: "? If I do not do." "Boy, I know ......" He would not finish, I saw the front of a flower, a somewhat dark fist in the line of sight from small to large, sharp pain came back fiercely neck, choking Lang the backward receded, was a restless gravel road tripping, sat on the ground, eye pain, let him fly breath. Not recovered, banging around fighting came a burst of sound, voice and daggers of pain fall to the ground constantly heard voices. Soon, in the corner of my eye leopard brother has gone his own brother standing figure, and all of a holding body parts lying on the ground crying. Song Yutong face reddened, some excitement watching the scene, her hand gestures occasionally two, where she seen such a scene ah, exciting, really exciting. Stone Mo helplessly shook his head, got about some little tingling wrist. Some dissatisfied looked as if the action a little rusty, what he looked leopard brother sitting on the ground, no doubt to ͮ said:. "Go over there waiting for me." Song Yutong silent, obediently went to the designated location, but still slightly worried eyes looking around here. Leopard brother struggling to stand up, a huge fist and smashed down. Smashing his head buzzing. "Your father, you know ......" Punch. "I am ......" Punch. "Do not fight, listen to me ......" Punch. Mo stone fist like a hammer, a regular drop down, heedless of each other's ideas, do not listen to each other's nonsense. It was only a weak reaction, strong, just waving his fist. An unspeakable fear climbed leopard brother's heart, around the original Wailing brother silence, quietly watching the scenes of big mouth. It is only the law of the fist like a non-stop machine, unhappy not slow, then what about the Zazhuo, if not affected by external factors. Cold-blooded, cold. Leopard brother knows this trend continues, he really will die. So screams became arrogant, tough becomes mercy. He tried to let himself kneeling on the ground, his hands in the head frame, hoping to reduce some of my pain. "Brother, I was wrong, Rao ...... Oops." "Brother, do not fight the Big ......" A stream of blood from his nose flow out, he soft to the ground, looking at the still poor focus Mo stone fists. "Mercy ......" After a long while, subtle sound for mercy from his mouth came out, it would only indifferent fist finally stopped. In front of a man looking like a cold dead eyes, smell of urine coming from one leopard brother's nakedness. Stone Mo picked up a knife, walked beside a trembling of watching his younger brother. "Do not pretend to stand up, I just give you one more chance." I saw the brother Gulu about to climb up, trembling and looked at him. Summer weather, but shivering: "Great ...... Big Brother." Stone Mo handing me the knife, then pointing leopard brother's thigh, said:. "Stabbed him three knives give you 10 seconds." Brother completely ignorant, and looked at the stone Mo, cried:. "Big Brother ...... you spare us, we are no longer afraid." "1 -" "Big Brother." Little brother kept kneeling on the ground and bowed, he was not stupid, and today his brother stabbed Mito leopard, leopard brother also do another day of his life, but now if they do not listen to each other, seeing no good fruit to eat, so he resorted to feeding effort, and effort for mercy, hoping stone monensin let him. Tag : mulberry deals,mulberry sale,Cheap mulberry sale,mulberry Outlet,Most Popular Mulberry Bags
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