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Although the game show for a place to continue to hold, but because the stone Mo injuries, Song Yutong no mood to go to the exhibition, but do have a hand in dealing with this matter Hongjie, so she was very reassuring to accompany the stone Mo ward, the United States Dubbed the care of their subordinates. Because last night the sea overnight to accompany children and go back to rest. At this stone Mo ward not only have ͮ, Liu and Zhou little war here, too, after a brief police investigation, may prove stone Mo and unrelated matter, and over this time to quickly resolve unexpected played a significant role, they are representative of the bureau of people commended. "After research bureau decided courageous decision to grant Mr. Shi Mo honor good citizens, and 100,000 yuan reward whole." Petite little seriousness week to read the decision of the Public Security Bureau, and the certificates and bonus pay Mo gave the stone. In fact, when the stone Mo under investigation, the Secretary ܵ has personally expressed sympathy, but sympathy after all, it did not come today, ah, this stone Mo goods is simply not that what Cock certificate, just looked at the hand of bank cards, also cautiously asked: "There really is a 10 million?" Petrochemical collective house, watching the people inside the drill Qianyan Zhou just want a little rushed to beat him, her lips moved, or did not hold back from strong export curse words. Liu Shi Mo war touches can understand the feelings, 100,000 yuan ah, with his salary to calculate it was several years to earn it. Song Yutong is a look of contempt at his men, a little turn iron into steel mean, how is your wife my net worth billions of people really, do we still need the money right? Although Liao war on the surface is very powerful, but still very easygoing person privately, especially for his appetite, no doubt it is on his stone Mo appetite, a critical moment could stand up is really a man. This stone Mo and he felt like his own, so he sat on a stone despite the image of Mo's bedside, her arms around his neck, said:. "Brothers, is not gotta mean what ah." Shi Mo look vigilant bank jammed under your pillow, hand over his hard, said: "What do you mean?" "It do not understand." Liao war a little dumbfounded. Stone Mo looked at his face, shook his head solemnly, suddenly yawned, said: "This body is injured can not afford to toss, talking on the sleepy, Song of the total, you see we is not gotta send off of. "Then this guy fell asleep on the bed. Liao war face looked black line a little hard simmering music week, depressed stood up and said:. "Simmering what, then simmering shoulders shaking bad" and then smile and look at ͮ little awkward week expression in the left. No one else in the house, and Song Yutong quietly in stone Mo's ear, said: "pretend, they are gone." Then the way, with white teeth gently biting his own man. Stone Mo slightly open eyes, and his eyes flashed a smile, and so ͮ vigilant when it was too late, Stone Mo Qingshu arms, a head and hold the ͮ and fiercely pressed his lips, wanton kissed, these days can hold bad for him. Day sea children and Renxiao Xuan follow these bulbs, and almost no time for intimacy, president of Song Da, finally caught the opportunity today, where he will be let go. Song Yutong an unfamiliar environment began to also worry about who will come in at any time, a bit embarrassed. But her enthusiasm infected lover, her own fears and modesty thrown out the window. The kiss was incredibly hard, a little breathless until Song Da president. "Well, Wu Wu ......" Song Yutong pushed all the strength is still in high spirits stone Mo, Qiaolian crimson, plump chest hold of a drum is a drum, rebuke glared at him: "Do you want suffocate me ah. " "Hey, that what, did not hold back." Shi Mo Samsam laughs. "You just install it, nothing you do not see a patient, how you like." Song Yutong snappily said. Stone Mo melancholy look great president looked beautiful song, thinking who is the instigator. Song Yutong Qingke, pretty standing by the bed, elegant hand, whispered:. "Bring it." Stone Mo puzzled and said: "God horse?" "Card." Mo quickly covered stone pillow, said: "This is my song of the total money to marry a wife, ah, you are thinking about it so it does not have money, do not take you that way.." Resentment his face. Song Da president almond eyes wide open, angrily: "Do you still want to marry who?" Having rushed up, severely pinched in the person's waist. Ward suddenly heard a loud wailing sound. "To you, to you, to give you all ......" ............ Night, within a narrow alley east district Ninghai City, three men in fast running and one of them get older, probably around 30 years old, the other two are 25 years of age or so. Three people are in all-inch head, body Jingzhuang, but now they run out of breath, exhausted. Clutter behind the faint footsteps and cries. Three people covered in blood, being helped young people in the middle of shortness of breath, pale, a closer look, he even stuck a dagger in the back, the wound bled, appalling. His weakness, said: "Hao Ge, leave me alone, and you sprint I run, and if I have something, do not forget to help me take care of my brother, and we respect him a seedling of the house.." Older man named Yin Zhenghao, is one of the oldest clubs in Sanyi Hiroyoshi You Zhijian men, Hiroyoshi Ninghai underground club is second only to help Soong and seven wolves forces, said he has always been able to name the gang , has been the right-hand man, especially the boss, he can not attend to wipe his forehead constantly dripping sweat. Said: "hadrons, I assure you, there I am nobody dynamic you, we immediately went to, you then stick down." So saying his mouth, but his heart clearly recognize that in this continues, three individual no one can escape it. Because long dragged the wounded bolted, his legs like lead, like a heavy, each step needs to spend a lot of effort, Tag : NIKE cheap sale,Nike Men's Shoes,cheap air max shoes,Men Women's Shoes,NIKE Online
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